Everything started in early 2020, we were thinking about being able to smell nice on hikes and dates without lugging around large bottles of fragrances. There had to be a way for a small form factor that lasts and is also all natural.

Enter Willow Fragrance, a travel size solid fragrance that can fit in your pocket and is airline travel approved. We wanted to create something environmentally friendly but also functional. 

With some trial and error, feedback from friends, family and early adopters, we now have a solution for the on the go scent you can use on dates, at the gym or just for everyday use.

Long lasting all natural essential oils and ingredients allow for use directly on the skin without irritation. With adhesive free packaging and biodegradable ink, each box can safely be buried under your favorite tree to decompose naturally. 

Willow Fragrance is designed to last a long time, but optimal results can be experienced with repeated dabs on the skin. We use premium ingredients that are all natural, with each one hand crafted in a strict quality control setting, you can be assured of a consistent natural fragrance all day.